WHISPERING SMITH: Bouncing, that’s what Tiggers do best…

Currently derelict, bleak and uninviting...
Currently derelict, bleak and uninviting...

At first the idea of the proposed café and water sports facility opposite Mewsbrook Park did not appear to be welcomed but has since made a turn around.

I tried to get some interest in restoring the current shelter without success so I welcome the idea of the new facility with a tweak here and there in the direction of the disabled and promenade walkers.

I would point out to all of those folk with very short memories who bemoan the passing of the large shelter where now stands the East Beach Café, that it was no paradise.

I did a project in the Gazette years a go whereby I visited it daily and recorded my ‘finds’ – some of which were unsuitable for print.

Far from being a romantic refuge where we oldies could shelter from a south westerly, hand in hand watching the sun set over the distant Isle, it was litter strewn and stank to high heaven.

The new complex offers shelter on the long walk to Rustington so I welcome it.


AN employer hires someone to do a job and pays them a reasonable salary for doing that job, a task you think them capable of and which you expect them to carry out efficiently.

If they don’t, you fire and rehire.

What you don’t do is reward them for making a good job of that which you employed them to do in the first place, you simply pat yourself on the back for being able to spot a winner.

The ADC, apparently, does not share that view and on top of last year’s £6,000 increase it has now recommended the chief executive be awarded a further £3,000 for his good work.

A hard kick in the backside for the many council employees who by doing their job efficiently make him look good while their pay remains pretty basic and static.


COUNCILLOR Paul Dendle’s description of our police commissioner as ‘Tigger’ is priceless: I wish I had written it!