WHISPERING SMITH: And all of that jiving around...

A few of the many Lobs Wood bulb planters...
A few of the many Lobs Wood bulb planters...

With my budding beer belly held fast by my brass buckled belt, buttoned on braces holding high and proud my faded blue Lee jeans with their massive turn ups and a bouncy young partner on my arm, I give the old bebop at least three hours a week.

Better than bowling, safer than cycling and certainly more fun than a wretched rowing machine.

Okay, so when you are pushing seventy it may look a bit weird swinging and leaping around to Blue Suede Shoes, the body does not bend with the ease and grace it once did but yesterday is a moment of the past and you adapt.

Muscle memory is a curious thing and after a few practice twirls the body remembers things you thought long forgotten.

(I twirl a bit but never spin, it makes me giddy and I end up facing the wrong direction wondering where my partner has gone!)

Old moves and old memories come flooding back and it becomes fun again and that evil word ‘exercise’ is far away and gone.

If you ever jived, rock ‘n’ rolled, bebop a’Lululled or boogy-woogied, give it a try – it’s well worth the red face, that out-of-puff feeling and the next day’s aching joints!

Interested? Then check out Brighton Jive on Facebook – jive instructor Colin Tenn gives frequent fun-filled refresher courses locally to Littlehampton as well as running a weekly disco dance in Durrington and a monthly live band gig.

Eat and put it on, jive and take it off... Simples!

Don’t be square, see you there!


OUT in the sunshine on Saturday morning planting daffodil bulbs in Littlehampton’s lovely Lobs Wood.

A gentle morning compared with the previous night’s sufferings of a 4am foul language and violence-filled street ruckus in front of my dwelling.

Daylight and a cheerful group of locals gathered and planted over 1,200 bulbs in the hard ground under Liam Connell’s watchful eye.

Sadly, two very different sides of the Littlehampton coin...