WHISPERING SMITH: A sunny, dog day afternoon

Ted in his trolley
Ted in his trolley

I met Ted this last sunny Friday afternoon. Ted is 15 years old and then some. He has arthritis and everything takes a little longer nowadays but, nevertheless, he always takes his regular walk along the prom to the water bowl thoughtfully placed outside of the East Beach Cafe.

When he has had enough he very slowly flops down and his mistress, who has been following along behind, picks him up and pops him into a large blue trolley for the journey home.

He puts his shaggy, beautiful head on the edge of the buggy and does his ‘Lord Muck’ impression, seemingly enjoying every moment of life.

Ted was a five-year-old a rescue dog from Ireland and kindness has been his best friend these past ten years.

It really warms my heart when I witness such acts of concern and kindness to an animal and I wonder just how some godless people can kill wild creatures such as foxes, hares and badgers for pleasure or based upon some ill-defined and misguided science.

Such cold-blooded cruelty is beyond my understanding.


TWO police cars, five husky police officers and one smiling youth with his hands on his head in the High Street Saturday morning.

Another young man speeds by doing a wheelie the length of the busy precinct, weaving in and out of the mostly elderly shoppers. Not one of the officers gives him a second look.

I ask you, which of the two proved to be the greater danger to members of the public?

The captive did not appear to be a John Dillinger and was not in handcuffs.

It is about time the council took on the responsibility of enforcing the no cycling ban in the pedestrian shopping centre.

The signs at each end of the street could be resurrected – they will not stop it completely but at least may give some riders pause for thought.

Bicycles ridden by irresponsible cyclists can kill, watch the news, it does happen...