VOLUNTEER COLUMN: Make a difference in your community by sparing some of your time to help

For more about Volunteer Now! on their website - www.do-it.org
For more about Volunteer Now! on their website - www.do-it.org

Hundreds of people volunteer every day, and they make a massive difference to the local community and the people within it.

Could you help to make a difference? Check out the roles below and find more at www.do-it.org.


Transport volunteer – West Sussex Young Carers Family Resource Service

Young carers take on responsibility at home because someone in their family is disabled or has been ill for a long time, experiences mental ill health, or has a problem linked to drugs or alcohol.

Lots of young people want to help and feel proud that they are lending a hand, but at the same time, the impact of these responsibilities may cause difficulties at home, at school and elsewhere.

Using your own car, you will offer door-to-door transport for those young carers who would otherwise be unable to access groups and other activities.

The transport service offers freedom and independence to young people who may be socially and geographically isolated, to help build their self-esteem, self-confidence, and support networks.


Residents’ social activity/wellbeing – Green Willow Care Home

Green Willow Care Home is a residential care home for the elderly and they are looking for someone to improve the social well-being of their residents.

Activities include chatting, reading (newspaper/book), sharing hobbies and craft activities and gathering information about residents’ social histories.

A great opportunity for a volunteer to gain work or educational experience or for a semi-retired person to remain active in the community.

You can volunteer for as few or as many hours as you would like.


Help running IT club/silver surfers’ group – Angmering Community Centre Association

After the success of its Windows 7 and 10 training courses and its drop-in sessions for people with specific problems on their laptops, Angmering Community Centre Association would like to move on.

Volunteers with a knowledge of smartphones and tablets are particularly needed for the drop-in sessions now.

A training session for using these would be useful if someone could do something – for example, a specific aspect such as taking photographs with your smartphone.


Evening driver – UKHarvest

UKHarvest collects quality surplus food from commercial outlets and delivers it, direct and free of charge, to charities that make use of it.

It provides much-needed assistance to vulnerable men, women and children across the UK.

They are looking for volunteers to support them in efforts to rescue surplus produce from local retailers and deliver it to projects within the area.

The collections will predominantly be of an evening and the driver will use the UKHarvest van to make collections.

Volunteers will need to be over the age of 25 to be eligible to drive the van under their insurance and they will need means of transport to the head office in Hunston to collect the van.

For more information on the above roles, or to find out what other opportunities are available, please visit www.do-it.org, call Volunteer Now! on 01243 864220 or email: volunteernow@vaac.org.uk