VOLUNTEER COLUMN: Can you help your community?

For more about Volunteer Now! on their website - www.do-it.org
For more about Volunteer Now! on their website - www.do-it.org

The reason that 61 per cent of people who volunteer say they do so is because they want to improve things or help people.

If you’d like to help people in your community or improve your local neighbourhood, here are just a few of the ways you could get involved. Check out www.do-it.org for lots more options.


Mobility Aids spoke driver volunteer – British Red Cross

The British Red Cross provides valuable short-term support to vulnerable people in the UK, whether they’re recovering from an operation, need a wheelchair or just need help coping around the house.

The volunteer-led Mobility Aids service provides wheelchair delivery and short-term loans of equipment across the UK, helping tens of thousands of people every year.

A Mobility Aids spoke driver volunteer will deliver wheelchairs to local beneficiaries.

This key role will enable people to return home after an illness or surgery and help them to remain independent or go on a holiday or trip with friends or family. It will involve driving a Red Cross vehicle.


Social club volunteer – Rustington Platinum Social Club

Rustington Platinum is the over 60s club. The aim is to offer programmes devoted to physical, social and emotional wellbeing of the older adults in the community.

They provide weekly fitness and social activities to widen social contact with people of the same generation by offering and involving the group in physical activities within their capacity.

At the moment, the social part of the club meets once a week on Thursday for four hours for scrabble, card and board games, knitting, crochet, or just a chat.

The role will involve: helping to set up at the start and tidy up at the end of the session, preparing and serving drinks and refreshments, and cleaning the cups and plates.


Honorary secretary – Littlehampton Civic Society

Littlehampton Civic Society watch plans and make representations on residents’ behalf, on many local issues, especially when people feel their councils have lost sight of their expectations – or have let them down.

The role of the honorary secretary is to support the chairman in ensuring the smooth functioning of the executive committee and in the day-to-day administration of the society on behalf of its members.

Tasks will include: planning dates and arranging venues for meetings, agreeing agendas with the chairman and circulating them, taking and circulating minutes at each meeting, organising the annual nomination of officers and executive committee members to be voted on at the annual general meeting and dealing with correspondence, writing letters and emails as agreed at meetings.


Client support volunteer – Worthing Churches Homeless Projects

Worthing Churches Homeless Projects is a local charity providing help and support to the local homeless community.

The Littlehampton Community Hub provides a vital service to those that are homeless, vulnerably housed and on a low income in the Littlehampton area.

They are looking for volunteers to provide support on a one-to-one basis to an individual who attends the community hub. Support needed will most likely be in the form of attending appointments and meetings with the individual.

For more information on the above roles, or to find out what other opportunities are available, please visit www.do-it.org, call Volunteer Now! on 01243 864220 or email: volunteernow@vaac.org.uk


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