‘Total devastation’ as trees felled along A259

A lovely mature holm oak on the Angmering Station roundabout getting the chop...
A lovely mature holm oak on the Angmering Station roundabout getting the chop...

Gone to chippers everyone! The town and area is changing so fast as to become a blur.

I see that approval has been given for the felling of four healthy sycamore trees in South Terrace, an area becoming a little bereft of trees desperately needed by insects and the wild bird population.

Recently approval was granted for the felling of the Selborne oak but, thanks to a sensible negotiation with the land owner and a terrific response from the local community, the tree has been saved and, it is hoped, will grow back into a healthy, shapely and sheltering abode for our local crow.

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JUST returned home from a recce along the A259, it looks as if an Alabama hurricane has passed by Haskins. Total devastation, mature tees felled and cleared, the playing fields open to the elements, no more resting place and lookout points for the falcon or the hawk, refuge for the butterfly or the bumblebee. Trees gone to the chipper, every one so we can move more cars faster along a highway lined with out of town super stores - that slaughter our town centres – and car showrooms where they sell more cars to clog up the works.

So silly, they uproot and destroy the very trees that help clean the air of the pollution pumped out by these infernal combustion engines. And as I left the chainsaws were already ripping down two of the lovely holm oaks on the Angmering station roundabout.

Any tree planting, even for special commemorative occasions, is most welcome but the planting of a few saplings will not make up for the current destruction of so many mature, healthy trees. Thankfully many share these thoughts – were that not so, I would truly despair.

HEY, on the bright side, braved a stormy night and popped down to our smashing little Windmill Cinema to join an appreciative audience to watch All Is True.

The film was directed by Kenneth Branagh who, rightly so, plays the central character of a retired and melancholy Will Shakespeare during the last three years of his life. Written by Ben Elton who writes – I say writes in the hope that there will be another series – the superb Upstart Crow on BBC television. Beautifully shot, wordy, gentle music and slow moving with little bursts of pure theatre, a must see.

I didn’t think they would ever again make such movies.

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