Stunning sandcastles and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels with Littlehampton Musical Comedy Society

Littlehampton Musical Comedy Society performing Dirty Rotten Scoundrels at the Windmill Theatre
Littlehampton Musical Comedy Society performing Dirty Rotten Scoundrels at the Windmill Theatre

With the sun shining it was lovely to take a walk along our beautiful seafront for the annual sandcastle competition.

Hundreds enjoy sunny Littlehampton sandcastle competition

The free event arranged by the Littlehampton Town Council seems to be growing in popularity each year and as the numbers grow so does the standard of the entries. The under-fives were being judged by Spirit FM, the five to tens by Staci and her team from Littlehampton Organisation of Community Arts (who had dressed up as pirates for the occasion), leaving councillor Ian Buckland and I with the over-tens.

Looking across the beach I could see that none of us judges were going to be in for an easy time as there were well over 200 entries, all so very different and all with lots of hard work put into them.

Walking around, entries included hippos, crocodiles, mermaids, and castles of various sizes and designs – some had included moats and others had included a motte-and-bailey design to their work, some had even come along with drawn-out designs of what they were going to produce that day.

One which particularly sticks in my mind had included the message ‘whatever you bring to the beach, take home from the beach’, which I thought was a great message and one I hope everyone sticks to.

Much of the rest of the week I was at the Windmill Theatre with the Littlehampton Musical Comedy Society, who were staging the musical of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.

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In the interest of honesty I admit I am a little biased as I am personally involved with the society and my husband is its chairman, but I really do think it has done particularly well with this very difficult show.

On entering you were greeted by an open stage with an extremely well-designed and finished set taking you to the French Riviera. Soon the stage was being packed full of glitzy costumes, dance routines, numerous high-energy performances and show-stopping numbers.

A little naughtier in places than one might expect from this society, particularly during my own personal favourite song from the show Oklahoma!, brought to life on stage by Gina Bland playing the part of Jolene Oakes, a brash and eccentric American.

As anyone involved with putting on a show will tell you, it’s a massive team effort and there are so many different people who each put in so much effort, many are busily working away behind the scenes and never seen on stage and also deserve a huge well done for their hard work and commitment.

This group will now be moving onto their next show, the circus-themed pantomime of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, with recruitment night and new members auditions taking place within the next week, so if you are interested in joining them then visit their website – www.LMCS.Productions – find them on Facebook or email: for more details.

Don’t forget this weekend we have the two free Screen on the Green evenings, the first on Friday with The Greatest Showman and Saturday is Jumanji, I hope to see lots of you there.


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