Shops offering paper bags are helping stop us from drowning in a sea of plastic

Some elderly paper bags and lovely box from long ago Littlehampton SUS-180312-170429003
Some elderly paper bags and lovely box from long ago Littlehampton SUS-180312-170429003

We are currently being drowned in a sea of television programmes about waste, farm produce discarded because it is wobbly shape, foodstuffs dumped because of confusing and often meaningless sell and use by dates, and the terrifying thought of a planet strangled by plastic waste.

Plastic packaging which we buy daily, use and bin and that is an end to its one-off usage – but, sadly, not of its durability.

It sticks around, much of it is not recyclable, although some potato crisp firms are promising to do away with such packaging in the next five years.

Five years, it really takes that long that long to find new or recyclable packaging?

Very likely we will be drowned in a sea of the stuff by then.

Many campaigns aimed at drawing the problem to the attention of parliament – just in case the members do not read the newspapers or watch television – are currently up and running and not all is gloomy.

I have noticed locally that many shops – not so much supermarkets – are offering paper bag alternatives.

The greengrocers in the arcade offers paper bags as an alternative, as do Costa, the two chemists, Holland and Barrett, Tesco and even Weird Fish to mention a few.

They seem to be more reusable friendly – I don’t know why, but maybe because they are fun to fold up and flatten out, and also very handy for storing seeds gathered for next year’s planting.

A friend of mine recently loaned me a small collection of such bags preserved by her mother from long ago before the onset of the plastic invasion.

Local bags from distant remembered Littlehampton shops such as H.V. Boys, Baylis & Son Ltd, T. Symes & Son and Sussex Wools.

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POLITICIANS are scrapping the world over, world leaders making and remaking their views, often by comments over Twitter, who would have believed it?

World leaders expressing their world-changing, Earth-threatening views on Twitter?

Our own lot wrangle, regularly insult each other and behave like baying animals on TV for the whole world to see – embarrassing.

A local council up north wants to close a successful wind farm in spite of scientists’ calls for more renewable energy needed if we are to combat global warming.

A very real phenomenon which – whoever created it, be it cows burping, petrol engines fuming or politicians gassing – has to be recognised.

Whoever or whatever is responsible is academic, it is here and needs addressing and we are the only inhabitants of this forlorn world who can actually do anything about it.

It seems to me that many leading politicians the world over are fiddling while our planet burns...

TURNING on the Christmas lights evening was the best I can remember, and I have seen a few!

Super bandstand, great music at the arcade end of the High Street and more sedate vintage music and carol singing from the clock tower end, an excellent balance.

Very busy streets crowded with delighted adults and children.

Two things I missed and would be happy to see their return next year – the large horses pretending to be reindeer and the pretend snow machine.

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