Partying in Mewsbrook Park and at Worthing Pride

What an amazing week I have had which started on Wednesday by joining fellow judges June Sutherland, from Hollands, Tyndall Jones, of David O Jones, and Alan Humphries, of the Littlehampton Town Show, to judge the yearly garden competition.

With the weather continuing to be hot and no sign of rain to water the plants, I wondered how everyone would be doing with their entries. We were greeted by garden after garden of beautiful blooms and, with all bringing something different, we knew this would be no easy day. It was lovely to see schoolchildren so enthusiastic about their school’s gardens too. I am not at liberty say who won what – all will be revealed at the Littlehampton Town Show and family fun day in Rosemead Park on September 8.

Billy with Hampton the Hedgehog, Monty the Mewsbrook Mallard and Mickey and Minnie Mouse Picture: Steve Flynn Media

Billy with Hampton the Hedgehog, Monty the Mewsbrook Mallard and Mickey and Minnie Mouse Picture: Steve Flynn Media

Come Friday evening I was at the Windmill Theatre for Dance Industry Studios show Step by Step.

We were spoiled with wonderful choreography and dazzling costumes, and it’s wonderful to see such talent in the town.

Credit must also go to those behind the scenes who helped with costumes, quick changes, lighting, sound and much more.

The finale was a performance to the theme of The Greatest Showman which had everything you could possibly want.

Billy with Spice at Worthing Pride

Billy with Spice at Worthing Pride

I was invited to say a few words that I prepared earlier, but they did not convey just how immensely proud I was of the group, so I had to sum up by just saying, “Wow, wow and wow!”

The following day I attended the Love Festival at Caffyns Field – a free event which included community, craft and artisan goods stalls as well as food and drink vendors, including an alcohol-free mojito stand which I found very refreshing.

There was also the opportunity for children of all ages to learn circus skills.

The day also marked the start of the Love Littlehampton Arts Festival which continues until next Sunday.

Deputy mayor Tracey Baker at Wick Dynamos FC

Deputy mayor Tracey Baker at Wick Dynamos FC

To find out more about the event and support the artists, pop into Way Out There and Back at Evans Gardens Court Yard, Arcade Road or find them on Facebook.

I then made my way to Worthing where I had been invited to say a few words at their first Pride event.

I could see the community were behind Pride with many businesses making the extra effort with rainbow-themed window displays, bunting and flags.

Sadly I missed the parade and the very start of the event, however I saw lots of familiar faces from Littlehampton were all there to support and get involved.

Party in the Park Picture: Steve Flynn Media

Party in the Park Picture: Steve Flynn Media

Seeing the large crowds I knew this was going to be a great event and I am sure this will become an annual event in Worthing’s diary.

Backstage I met with drag queen Spice who was hosting the stage for the day – in killer heels and big hair she was a vision and could see how much she was enjoying being part of the day.

I took to the stage and said how important I thought Pride was and how I can still remember attending my first Pride in Brighton 17 years ago and thoroughly enjoying – it despite spending over 24 hours in heels!

Afterwards I went to the Assembly Hall for Sussex Steel’s performance of Steel the Show. With 84 steel pans on the stage and musicians of all ages taking part – most of them from Littlehampton – it was great to see such an energetic and inclusive performance. They had a great range of music and it was a delight with something for everyone.

As I was already engaged, deputy mayor Tracey Baker spent Saturday afternoon presenting trophies and medals to Wick Dynamos FC for their under 13s league champions and under 12s runners-up.

Tracey said: “I am so proud of this club and the diversity and equality it shows, with the inclusion of a girls and a disabled team. What clearly showed for me, was a bunch of great kids, who weren’t only proud of themselves, but of each other – and that’s what makes a team!”

On Sunday morning I was up early getting ready for my Party in the Park, in Mewsbrook Park, organised in association with the Mewsbrook Park Café. The day included three singers, performances from the Wonder Girls and the Sussex Tornadoes, and music supplied by Keith Croft, who also compered wonderfully throughout the day.

There were rides for the kids, community and craft stalls and of course my own stalls run by family and friends including a raffle, cake stall and tombola. The miniature railway was running and was lovely to see people out on the pedalo boats on the lake.

The day even had a special unveiling with Hampton the Hedgehog welcoming the Friends of Mewsbrook Park’s newest member, Monty the Mewsbrook Mallard!

I’d like to thank everyone who was involved in the day, took part or attended.

A total of £659.41 was raised toward my fundraising efforts this year in aid of Arun Youth Projects, Littlehampton Arts and Social Club Bursary.

On Sunday I am lucky enough to have the Littlehampton Town Band performing in Mewsbrook Park again from 2pm to 4pm, and hope lots of you will come to support and enjoy.


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