MAYOR’S MOMENT: Taking pride in our town

Billy and other volunteers taking part in the Wick Spring Clean
Billy and other volunteers taking part in the Wick Spring Clean

This past week has actually been a little quiet as far as engagements were concerned for myself, however there was one which was particularly notable: the Wick Spring Clean.

On Friday I met with Julie Roby and volunteers from the Wick information Centre and Wick Village Traders, as well as Mr Mott and pupils from Lyminster Primary School.

We all took part in a litter pick to help keep the Wick area clean and tidy which was all part of the wider national Great British Spring Clean event.

All armed with brooms, grabbers and dustpans and brushes, we were soon filling up sacks to do our part to keep the village clean and tidy.

Although it was sad to see the amount of litter and cigarette ends which were being collected, it was also pleasing to see many people getting together to do something about it.

Talking with one of the volunteers, he stressed to the others that if you spot rubbish being fly tipped in public areas it is easy to report to Arun District Council on their website.

Also, if you are a smoker or know one you can go into the Arun District Council offices and ask for a free ‘stubbit’. This is a small pouch you can keep with you to put your cigarette end in and empty when you’re at a bin.

These simple things will help keep the area clean and tidy for all.

As my year as mayor is coming towards its end I have been busily working away to organise a civic service to celebrate the people, organisations, groups and businesses who make this town so special and all are welcome.

The service will be held on Sunday, May 6, at St Mary’s Church, Littlehampton, from 3pm.

I’d particularly like to thank Father Roger Craswell for allowing me to have this civic service at St Mary’s as this was the church where my mum and dad got married.

This service will be an inclusive service welcoming all churches of the town to join together to celebrate. I hope to see many of you there.

With less than two months left for my term as mayor I am still keen to meet with as many people as possible and support in any way I can.

I’d love for the invitations to continue coming in right up until my last moments as mayor, so if you do have anything you would like me to come to please do not hesitate to contact me at the mayor’s office on 01903 732063. I look forward to hearing from you.


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