MAYOR’S MOMENT: Lots to do over Easter break and beyond

Cat McLelland with her painting A Hundred Thousand Stars from her previous exhibition Journeys, Memories, Dreams, Reflections
Cat McLelland with her painting A Hundred Thousand Stars from her previous exhibition Journeys, Memories, Dreams, Reflections

Well I hope you have all been good and not eaten too many Easter eggs over the Easter holidays and if you have had the opportunity to, I hope you have enjoyed time with friends and family as I did.

I would like to say that I enjoyed an afternoon at the Windmill this week but I cannot, as I am pleased to say that when I went one afternoon I found a queue of kids excited to be seeing a new release.

I knew straight away that I could maybe get in if I rushed but then would be depriving a child of enjoying the film during the Easter break. I was really pleased to see how well this is being supported and will go one evening instead.

The town council organised events during the break for children to attend including fossil hunting and two Easter out-and-about sessions, one of which was at Mewsbrook Park.

When I went to have a bit of time in the park I was delighted to see the session being well attended and children running around the park looking for bunnies that had been hidden, with all attending having fun.

Littlehampton Museum has also recently changed two exhibitions to include ‘Littlehampton from above’ which includes a rare chance to see views of Littlehampton that you won’t find anywhere else.

Whether you’re a cartographer or you’re just fascinated by map making, you can explore maps, plans, and aerial views that will guide you on a unique journey through the town, all from the museum’s collection. This exhibition continues until May 4 in the community gallery.

The second is an art display of ‘Generations and journeys: Sussex rediscovered’, with works by local artist Cat McLelland. The striking paintings look at the relationship between the past and the present, and how both can exist at once.

This exhibition is also on until May 4 and you can meet the artist on April 28, but you will need to book places by visiting the museum website – – or calling 01903 732063.

Although I was unable to attend, I was pleased to know that the wonderful artisan market started up again on Saturday. It will carry on in the town on the first Saturday of each month until the end of the year, giving us all something else to look forward to and find something unique to buy.

On Sunday I had the pleasure of attending the chairman of Arun District Council Jacky Pendleton’s civic service at Arundel Cathedral.

The service was ministered by Tim Madeley, dean of the cathedral, and included readings by Alan, Jacky’s husband, and Nigel Lynn, chief executive of Arun District Council, with prayers by Oliver Davies Byron.

The service included well-known hymns Lord of the Dance and Sing Hosanna and included a collection towards Jacky’s chosen charities which she has been supporting this year, Home-Start and Challenge U programme.

It has been a pleasure to get to know Jacky over the past year since becoming mayor and hope she has enjoyed her year in office as much as I have.

On the subject of civic services, I would like to remind you that on May 6 at 3pm a service celebrating the town, its groups, organisations and people will be held at St Mary’s Church in Littlehampton and it would be lovely to see lots of people from the town at this service.

I have had a bit of an influx of invitations last week to attend all sorts of events within the town which is great as it shows we have lots going on and lots to look forward to.

I would really like all groups, organisations and event organisers to please get in touch and keep sending your invitations through as I am keen to keep on attending everything I am able to until my very last minute as mayor.

I have personally seen over the past year how important all these groups and events are to the community. It has been a real eye-opener to get to meet the many people involved, which I would not have known about otherwise, and know that all future councillors that go on to take this role benefit and take pleasure in meeting you.

Please phone the mayor’s office at the town council on 01903 732063.


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