MAYOR’S MOMENT: Impressed by young business people

Guys and Dolls Picture by Rosey Purchase
Guys and Dolls Picture by Rosey Purchase

On Tuesday evening I was invited to attend an awards ceremony at the Loft, formerly known as the Body Shop Trading Post, for the Youth Enterprise Scheme.

The scheme gives schools the opportunity to have teams of students create their own business with support from teachers, and keep any profits made.

Young Enterprise award winners

Young Enterprise award winners

Straight away, I thought what a wonderful idea this is and was eager to see what the young people had come up with and how they had done.

Each had its own website and explored use of social media, created a brand, business plan and company structure.

Ideas explored included up-cycling vintage records into wall clocks, creation of homemade concrete pots for cacti, pin badges, social media services, educational cards and handmade charm necklaces.

With a room full of budding Alan Sugars, I was extremely impressed by the standard of the groups and relieved I had been asked to present awards and not judge the contestants.

Young Enterprise award winners

Young Enterprise award winners

It was a wonderful evening and I am sure many will go on to set up their own businesses in the future. 

The following evening I found myself back at the Windmill Theatre for another live show, proving the Windmill is thriving.

This time it was the turn of the Littlehampton Players Operatic Society staging the show Guys and Dolls.

With excellent costumes and scenery, including clever usage of projection, the show looked superb.

Billy with Geraldine Walker, the chairman of Kingston Parish Council

Billy with Geraldine Walker, the chairman of Kingston Parish Council

It was well cast and I came away with ‘Luck be a lady’ stuck in my head. I also particularly enjoyed a rousing rendition of ‘Sit Down, You’re Rockin’ the Boat’.

Well done to all involved and I’m sure they enjoyed staging this as much as the audience did watching it.

Their next show at the Windmill is ‘A Night at the Musicals’ from October 18 to 20.

On Thursday evening it was time to celebrate with the Kingston Parish Council, marking the 20th anniversary of the formation of their parish.

It was lovely to meet up with local councillors and dignitaries, and to be welcomed by Geraldine Walker, chairman of Kingston Parish Council, who gave a speech highlighting plans for the future, including a chain for the chairman of the parish’s jewel and introducing an information board to highlight the chapel the parish lost to the waters of the seas.

My week was concluded at the manor house on Friday evening, where I met with members of the Littlehampton Twinning Society to welcome visitors from our twinned French town of Chennevières-sur-Marne who were staying with local families for the weekend.

That evening I secretly wished I had tried harder in my French lessons when I was at school, as I attempted to welcome our guests in French and was relieved when I said ‘and so ends my attempt at French’.

My attempt was well received and all were very forgiving and encouraging.


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