Look and Sea Centre a prime tourist attraction for Littlehampton

Currently the Harbour Lights staff have not been paid and even the plants have not been cared for...
Currently the Harbour Lights staff have not been paid and even the plants have not been cared for...

When first we practice to deceive... and the closure of the Harbour Lights complex has proven to be, as was expected, nirvana for the conspiracy theorists who walk among us, from whispers in coffee houses and dark corners to shouts in the glaring spotlight of social media.

The brunt of the theories appears to be set upon the shoulders of Arun District Council amid the worries as to how they will react or deal with the emptiness of this very profitable project on one of, if not the, prime tourists’ attractions in Littlehampton and thus on the most valuable of sites.

I believe the local populace would react rather strongly to any move toward seriously altering the actual café service much as it did with the threatened closure of the Windmill Cinema and the smoke and mirrors involved therein.

Interestingly, it also reveals a considerable lack of trust in the thinking of our local elected representatives and, sadly, the lack of respect shown toward many, but not quite all, of them.

I wonder why …?

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WHEN I picked up a copy of last week’s Gazette the storekeeper pointed to the headline of the youth who was involved in a knife wounding incident on our High Street several months ago, not being given a custodial sentence.

I am not a vengeful person or a supporter in any way of corporal punishment, even for such a nasty offence, but it would not break my heart to see such offenders spend a couple of months in orange jump suits clearing up the ever-growing piles of rubbish that litter the length of our highways and lovely byways.

A problem that I fear will now grow with the charging for trailers at the recycling centre, a crazy move glibly defended by Arun District Council. Trust me, the rubbish, much of it gardening waste, will end up elsewhere and then cost us to clear it up! Unless, of course, we have a bunch of offenders in orange jumpsuits…


ON a more positive and cheerful note, I do try, all it seems is not lost with the Selborne oak, as it has become known. The applicant is determined if at all possible to save her, forgive me for choosing the gender to be female, and we are currently looking into the cost of making her safe and giving her a chance to grow old gracefully.

He and his wife are also keen to become involved in a local tree planting scheme, the feasibility of which I will explore. I have told the grumpy crows and they seem delighted at not having to be rehoused. So, you good folks who supported us so eloquently with your objections, I may be knocking on your door in the next few weeks.

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