IAN HART: Vegas horror must surely bring change

An unlikely holiday tale. The location: Hollywood Studios, Florida. The time: mid-afternoon. And all I do is ask the person at the kiosk for four beers...

“Sorry, sir, I can’t serve you unless you show me exactly who these drinks are for.”

Pardon the Hollywood pun, but then Yatesy, my holiday companion, and I had to embark on a real-life production number in bringing our respective wives up to the counter as proof.

Yet less than a mile away I could have walked into any number of stores and bought a firearm without any questions or checks, and that little anecdote sadly encapsulates everything that is wrong with the culture of the USA.

It was highlighted in the most tragic of fashions this week with the horrific events in Las Vegas.

What if it had been politically or religiously motivated?

Would Donald Trump’s reaction had been any different if he’d been a different race or creed?

I’ve no doubt it would have been.

Laws would have been changed at

the stroke of a pen, travel bans put in place.

But with scores dead and hundreds wounded, the one law that won’t get changed is the US gun law.

These events bring the usual wave of statistics and one of them that really shocked me was that since 1970 the number of gun deaths victims in the US is higher than the entire number of casualties in every war the USA has fought in.

Yet the President comes out with all the usual condolence soundbites and ‘touching’ messages of sympathy, when he and his predecessors have had the power to change the laws for the better but for whatever reason didn’t.

Love him of loathe him, Donald Trump is apparently an intelligent man, so surely, he will realise that enough is enough and it’s time for drastic changes in his nations legislation. Won’t he?