I just love making a splash! Do you?

MY MUM says I am a real water baby because I am just happy in the water.

The paddling pool, the bath or even a puddle – there really is nothing which is as much fun as splashing around in water.

On Saturday I really got to live up to my name when I got to go swimming not just once, but twice!

In the morning I had my swimming lesson with my fabulous teacher Bonnie.

She told me my doggie paddle was just perfect and my legs were kicking perfectly.

We have so much fun because me and my friends who are in my lesson get to do jumps into the pool which is just so much fun.

After my lesson I had my lunch and went out with my mummy to the shops where she told me we had a fun afternoon planned.

Because we were meeting up with my friends Jack and Sam at a different swimming pool for even more fun. I could not have been happier!

We went to the Splashpoint swimming pool in Worthing. Have you been, Chipsters? It’s just amazing. I think it might be my most favourite place in the whole world!

How about you chipsters? Do you enjoy swimming as much as I do?

Do you do any other after school clubs or lessons which are so much fun? Please write to me and let me know – I really love to receive all of your pictures and letters.

I was thinking of asking mummy if I could try something new so I would love to hear your suggestions!

Chip, chip for now,