Fun-filled weekend at Love Festival and Party in the Park

Chris having a go on the tractor at the farm shop
Chris having a go on the tractor at the farm shop

The large black building set back in the green fields at Crossbush has seen many an enterprise come and go.

Most, I suspect, because they were one trick ponies and relied solely on footfall for income and high business rates and rents often kill of a promising infant business.

The last was a farm shop and tea rooms combined.

The latter was a delightful enterprise – cream teas, special interest days, a craft workshop and, particularly for me, the raptor flying displays.

The static John Deere red tractor was a particular joy for kids – and many grownups – to be photographed ‘riding’ the bucket seat, an activity killed off, I was given to understand, by the stealth and safety brigade after only one complaint.

The pets were also fun, friendly ducks, chicken, geese and rabbits and a friendly herd of goats – the dominant animal not so friendly though, a grumpy ram with orange devil eyes that fixed upon you seemingly very keen eat you beginning with the tenderest bits first.

A long fallow period followed the eventual closure of café and I thought that to be the end of it, not so.

The Brewhouse Project is crowdfunding a hoped-for business, a partnership between Edgcumbes Coffee and Arundel Brewery on this super site.

The creation of a bar, café venue and community activities centre.

Pledge anything between £20 and £1,500 now and reap the rewards further down the line.

If the past performances of these two companies are anything to go by this could well be the start of something very worthwhile for our area both as an employer and as an enjoyable activity.

Visit for details.


EXCELLENT and busy sun, fun-filled weekend for Littlehampton.

Saturday, the Love Festival in the Park on Caffyns Field was again a huge success – it gets bigger and better with each passing year.

Apart from the usual community and craft stalls, there was great music – especially from Slim Jim and the Wildcards – and the added attraction of the Airsoft Rifle Range, operated by Allsorts Airsoft in Arundel Road, was a particular favourite with boys both ‘old’ and young.

Safe and fun and a real test of skill, much livelier than a video game.

Sunday, the mayor’s Party in the Park, another fun-filled fundraiser from our busy mayor – does that man ever sit still? – this one for Arun Youth Projects.

Enjoyed a mojito candy floss, only 60 calories, and was so delighted to meet my old friend, Littlehampton musician John Haselip, nearly 90 years young.

Great to see you, sir, and looking so well.

Not too sure what we talked about, the music was loud and both of us are a tad worse for wear in the hearing department, but it did raise a memory and a smile or two.

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