Remember Brighton party venue Pirates Deep?: One Thing or a Mother

When I was a child growing up in Brighton (well, Hove actually) the highlight of my social calendar was being invited to a children’s party at Pirates Deep.

Tuesday, 15th June 2021, 10:48 am

Located in Marine Parade in Brighton I believe just along from the Aquarium & Dolphinarium – now the Sealife Centre – it was an early ancestor of today’s soft play mega-structures.

You knew you’d made it in the school’s social hierarchy if you were put onto the invite list for a birthday celebration at this hallowed venue. Having a party there was the epitome of cool. It seemed so good at the time, that people I know who grew up in Brighton still remember and talk about it today.

I’ll forever have really fond memories of going down the slides, playing in the ballpit, and having E-number-fuelled party food in an artificially lit café that smelled of feet.

Pirates Deep was located just along from what is now the Sealife Centre in Brighton. Did you ever go there? Picture: Google Maps.

But by today’s standards, this was tame. Now, the party world is your oyster. You can have a laser party in the huge Out of Bounds soft play venue, make pizzas, pottery and more at various restaurants and cafés in town, or do what my daughter did on Saturday... Get made-over as a princess by a bona fide fairy.

Regular readers (hi!) might remember her birthday was at the beginning of the year. But due to Covid restrictions, her birthday treat at the Petite Fairytale Boutique in Worthing had to be delayed until now.

She took along a friend and it was basically every little girl’s dream.

They got to wear robes, they had their hair put into bows, curled and sprinkled with glitter, their nails were painted, glittery tattoos were applied and their faces adorned with more glitter (in the world of seven year olds, there can never be enough of the stuff). Afterwards, they were served an afternoon tea. It was absolutely brilliant. I would have absolutely love, love, loved it as a child. And, if I’m being totally honest, I’d probably quite enjoy it as a grown up. If only they offered an adult experience..!

The Dome – hands down, one of Worthing's best assets

And this wasn’t the only independent business I was supporting this weekend. I was back at The Dome cinema on Sunday, seeing A Quiet Place Part II (highly recommended – so much tension!), followed by dinner at a restaurant I’ve been meaning to try for ages and ages.

Thai Street Food is in Bath Place, and came highly recommended by lots of friends and colleagues.

As promised, the food was lovely, but perhaps its biggest selling point was owner Yamin. She was so chatty with all her customers and she really made the experience.

I’m just loving having a bit more freedom. My fingers are firmly crossed the revised date for ‘freedom’ from lockdown can go ahead on July 19.

Parties at Pirates Deep were Katherine's childhood favourite

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