Careless cycling in Littlehampton High Street needs sorting

Littlehampton Concert Band in Mewsbrook Park Picture: Diana Adams
Littlehampton Concert Band in Mewsbrook Park Picture: Diana Adams

Last Sunday several people asked me why the gutsy ukuleles were playing at the bandstand at the same time the brass and woodwind of the town concert band were doing their thing at Mewsbrook Park – like I would know?

It does seem a bit of a nonsense and should be something easily rectified.

This seaside town needs all of the musical entertainment it can get and to give folk the difficult choice between two events on a sunny Sunday afternoon seems a bit of a waste.

This year I chose the Mewsbrook gig, windy but satisfying.

Children playing everywhere, a plethora of straw hats held firmly by chinstrap or a free hand, dogs barking their own applause, gulls screeching and the lovely silver leaves of the lakeside trees dancing to their own breezy drummer.

A lovely concert, thanks to everyone involved and let’s hope that next year the two events can be scheduled so as not to clash and justice can be done to both of these multi-talented and very entertaining groups.


HAVING heard several whispers about the new cycle path between Bognor and Littlehampton I decided make some enquiries of actual users and go see for myself.

Stationed not far west of the Clymping turn off, I was quite surprised to see not only was it being used correctly by cyclists, both Lycra-clad and in civvies, and a sort of hybrid electric cycle which needed a pedal in order to get any help from its onboard batteries, but it was also used by a small group of safety conscious runners.

I did not see any cyclists on the main road as had been reported to me but did get a few moans from a rider who claimed there was no barrier to stop a car careering off and onto the path. I would have thought that to be far less likely than being knocked for a six if riding on the main road as was the norm in the past. Until I see otherwise I would reckon it to be a success and forgive all of the past traffic holdups the building of it required.


IT really is time the council came to grips with the careless cycling along the pedestrianised High Street.

Last week I had to dodge out of the way as four youths shouting and laughing did high speed wheelies the full length of the street from the clock tower to Clifton Road.

Such behaviour is becoming too dangerous to ignore.

There used to be metal signs at each end of the precinct making it quite clear that cycling is prohibited and that offenders would be dealt with, but those signs have long gone and weaving riders are a common, every day event.

Does this mean that such a practice is now ignored and tolerated? I hope not, a few hefty fines and confiscation of the wheels if the fine is not paid would be a good enough deterrent. Simples really.

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