Brexit: reversing the referendum would be worst

Worthing Mencap Christmas Fayre in the Assembly Hall SUS-181128-103950003
Worthing Mencap Christmas Fayre in the Assembly Hall SUS-181128-103950003

Were the letters and messages I receive on the European Union and the United Kingdom to be divided into bundles, they would appear nearly equal.

One would be ‘Don’t leave’ with the requests for a so-called People’s Vote (the title of a campaign group) which I take to be aimed at reversing the result of the national referendum two years ago.

Sir Peter Bottomley, MP for West Worthing

Sir Peter Bottomley, MP for West Worthing

That would be balanced by those asking to walk out of the EU without a withdrawal agreement and no agreed transition and without the assurances in the political declaration that would guide our future relationships with the EU 27.

In between are those who write or email about my position.

It is to recognise the result of the referendum: we need to leave.

It is to recognise that we should do so with minimum cost and least possible damage to the quality of our lives.

We would have the greatest opportunity to benefit from other trade agreements and from the flexibilities we can agree by ourselves and for ourselves.

My expectation is that if we can get through the present perilous time and we can negotiate agreement amongst ourselves, the EU itself will in time follow a number of our initiatives in the future.

The opposition to the Prime Minister and the apparent alternatives being offered within the government party are from those who do not agree with each other.

|Also in the news - plans to demolish the former Poundland building in Worthing to build 26 flats and retail space have been revealed; a van collided with traffic lights on Brighton Road; and Worthing District’s Cafe of the Year top 10 has been revealed, with an opportunity for people to vote for their favourite|

It has been said there is no majority for any policy. Maybe. I think it depends on how we choose to consider alternatives.

Readers may not agree with me when I give my summary. Crashing out or reversing the referendum would be worst. Living with the balance of advantages and compromises of the Prime Minister’s approach would be preferred by most when compared with either of the alternatives.

The latest letter is representative: “Thank you for your timely and judicious contribution in the House as both a reality check and support for Mrs May, a lady whose primary suit is decency. Hers has been a lonely furrow.”

She is Scottish: she went on to add that the truth will out but sometimes it tests her patience in waiting for what she describes as the ‘hollow chants of the SNP’ to be seen for what they are.

We can be one country of four nations. Unity comes by accepting rather than denying difference

The least convincing write that we should crash out, whatever the consequences. I judge that irresponsible.

The next are those who wish to overrule 17.4 million voters who elected to leave.

The choice as I see it is to have this deal, to have no deal or to reverse towards no Brexit.

This is not the only activity at Westminster or in the constituency.

In a few hours one day, I met medical technologists, recalling the major advantages we have gained and seeing the future benefits, including analysis of influenzas and other conditions in 20 minutes rather than one to four days.

With the liver experts I was encouraged to reduce alcohol consumption and to cut obesity.

A group entitled HoldMyLight wanted me to help end smoking of cigarettes in the constituency.

I have given much time this week to supporting anti-genocide initiatives and to confronting Islamophobia.

I believe the National Holocaust Memorial and Learning Centre would be better by the Imperial War Museum rather than squashed in Victoria Tower Gardens, the smallest royal park.

The proposers have got stuck in a rut; we are gently and kindly asking them to rethink and do better.


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