Rocket-like UFOs and mystery lights sighted over South Downs

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Rectangular lights and UFOs were seen over the South Downs by a Rustington man last Sunday.

Peter Avery and his wife Annie were out walking their dog when they spotted the objects half a mile away over Ferring at around 5:30pm.

The pair watched as two large torpedo-shaped projectiles zig-zagged together 300ft up in the air before vanishing suddenly and silently.

Peter said: “It was coming towards us like two engines from a jet aircraft.

“They were leaving vapour trails and the light from the motors was lighting up the vapour.”

Immediately after the objects disappeared, Peter saw a band of coloured lights appear within 200ft of where they had gone.

“They were rectangluar lights of various colours: greens, orange, blue. They weren’t flashing, they just appeared and then went,” he explained.

The band of lights then tilted to form a long horizontal line around 20 to 30ftacross and vanished into the vapour left by the projectiles. It was an otherwise clear night.

He said: “That looked like the side of a flying saucer, like the edge of a rim of a disc.”

Peter said the flying objects resembled flares, but thought it unlikely that one would be set off inland.

“They could be flares, but the way they were moving about was very strange,” he said.

“The bit that the flames were coming out of was flat, almost like two dustbins coming towards us.

“They were manoeuvring separately from each other but very close together.”

From the vapour trails, it appeared that the rocket-like objects had been moving in loops before the couple watched them descend.

Malcolm Robinson, who has investigated UFO sightings for many years, said the case was a most unusual one.

He said: “It’s certainly different from the type of UFO sighting that our society receives.

My intial thoughts could be that it is the break-up of a meteorite, but based on the second aspect of the sighting, the lights, this would be certainly quite bizarre.”

He added that a similar display of lights was seen in Scotland in 1996.