Man injured after falling overboard in Littlehampton

A man's head was injured in a maritime accident in Littlehampton this morning (November 1).

Her Majesty’s (HM) Coastguard was called at 7.45am after a man went over the side of his boat and was injured in the River Arun.

Picture: Maritime and Coastguard Agency

Picture: Maritime and Coastguard Agency

The coastguard search and rescue team was sent out to meet the vessel that brought him in.

The ambulance service arrived minutes later, and sent a response car and an ambulance to Fisherman's Quay in Littlehampton, where the RNLI lifeboat station is.

A spokesman for the service said the man had 'crush injuries', including to his head, 'which are all considered potentially serious'.

He was taken to Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton for further treatment.

Later today, the Littlehampton Harbour Facebook page released a statement which said: “During a tow operation under pilotage on the River Arun, a man fell overboard.

”He was wearing a life jacket and was promptly recovered from the water, transferred to shore and taken to hospital for treatment.

”We’ve just received the good news that he has already been discharged from hospital.”

The RNLI lifeboat crew from Littlehampton was not launched.