MAGAZINE: What is the true cost of throwing away unused medication?

The true cost of throwing away unused medication
The true cost of throwing away unused medication

It’s an issue that many of us are unaware of and the vast costs from non-adherence are felt across the entire healthcare system and impact patient well-being and patient lives.

A recent report states that the costs of medicine wastage are at a staggering annual £300m, at least half of which is avoidable.

Whilst the cost to the NHS of people not taking their medicines properly and not getting the full benefits to their health is estimated at more than £500m a year.

The consequences go far beyond what most patients envisage when they forget to take their pills; in the EU alone, nearly 200,000 deaths occur each year due to missed doses of medication.

Featuring in this video to discuss the topic is Paul O’Hanlon (Managing Director of Omnicell, UK & Ireland and Pharmacist) and Ashley Cohen, (Pharmacist), who shed some light on why this is such a widespread problem in the hope of raising awareness during National Medication Adherence Week. They look at consequences of failing to take recommended medication, which can not only have a consequence on our health but to our wallets too.

The experts look more in depth into the research conducted by Omnicell such as the main reasons for people forgetting to take their medication, (key examples being ‘forgetting’ to do so, the claim that it made them feel ill and due to the side effects.)

They are also ready with helpful tips and professional advice on ways to remind ourselves to take our medication daily and the health implications when failing to do so.

For all this and more watch the video.