MAGAZINE: Charley Boorman reveals the hottest travel trends of 2015

It’s the time of year when millions of us will start planning our holidays to give us something to look forward to through the winter months.

But which destinations are being touted as 2015’s must-visits? Where will you get good value for money? And how can you do something a bit different this year without breaking the bank? Our video will help give you some great holiday planning advice to get you started.

Top holiday destinations

Top holiday destinations

New research released by uGuest shows that many of us are also demanding tech and luxury extras such as premium TV channels; iPads and WiFi access, while large numbers of us are turning to private rented accommodation instead of traditional hotel and resort accommodation.

So where can you get the best of all worlds in 2015?

Watch the video to find out Charley Boorman’s top tips.