Littlehampton town centre needs our support

Littlehampton town centre
Littlehampton town centre

Letter from: David Nickless, Hampton Fields, Wick

As we see town centres under threat from online shopping and out-of-town supermarkets this should be a warning to us. If not we will see more vacant shops and banks closing in smaller towns. Some well-known large stores have closed quite recently.

Town centres are crucial for the wellbeing of local communities as they promote a local identity and history.

Littlehampton, as a small seaside town, needs us all to pull together in these tough times ahead as we shop and enjoy the cafés, restaurants and pubs to keep business local.

It is good to see the Friday market and the Littlehampton council events during the year, the community police and town chaplains provide a friendly and helpful presence in the town and the regeneration scheme will hopefully be an incentive to build and improve the town centre so it will continue to be a place for business, leisure and social activities.