Littlehampton theft victim stunned by town’s kindness

Marjorie Lioret, with June Caffyn and Alan Gammon of Littlehampton Shopmobility
Marjorie Lioret, with June Caffyn and Alan Gammon of Littlehampton Shopmobility

WHEN disabled pensioner Marjorie Lioret had her mobility scooter stolen, she never realised that such a heartless crime would help to reveal the best in people.

The 69-year-old, of Ferry Road, Littlehampton, suffers from a range of ailments, including osteoporosis, and relies heavily on her scooter to get around.

However, during a shopping trip last week, her beloved vehicle was snatched, leaving her distraught.

“I was absolutely shocked,” she said. “I couldn’t believe it.”

The upset pensioner approached Shopmobility, in St Martin’s Lane, for help. Hearing of her plight, the charity sprung into action and launched a search for the scooter.

Manager June Caffyn sent out a plea over radio to other traders to keep an eye out for the machine.

Then, the next day, Pat and Simon Waterhouse, of St Winfrides Road, called the charity saying they had found it.

After a quick check by former mayor Alan Gammon, who supports Shopmobility, and a call back to base, Marjorie was reunited with her scooter.

Thanking all those who helped, she said: “It was a very sad beginning to the day but it ended up as a nice weekend.”

June said: “It was like a little Christmas miracle. I really didn’t think she would get her scooter back.

“We were delighted to help her and I hope we have made a new friend.”

Speaking of the thieves, June added: “I think it’s dreadful, terrible and completely disgraceful.

“I don’t know what people can get out of doing such a senseless and mindless act as stealing from an elderly woman.”