Littlehampton’s wannabe carnival royals called for

Last year's Carnival Queen, Mariah Lee, during the grand procession 'L28659H14
Last year's Carnival Queen, Mariah Lee, during the grand procession 'L28659H14

THE campaign to find Littlehampton’s future ‘royalty’ has now begun.

That’s right, it’s been an entire year since the Littlehampton Carnival Queen Competition was last launched.

Now, the Littlehampton Carnival Association – which organises the annual contest – wants to hear from young women keen to represent the town.

The event is open to any girls aged between 14 and 17, who live within a six-mile radius of Littlehampton.

Wannabe royals vying for glory are being asked to complete a form, in this week’s Gazette, and send in a photo of themselves.

Alternatively, they can enter on the Littlehampton Carnival Association official Facebook page.

All the contestants will then be featured in future editions of the Gazette, until the competition draws to a close, on February 26.

Judges will determine who the champion is by assessing entrants on their personality, speaking ability and overall appearance.

The winners will then be announced and will be needed to represent Littlehampton at a variety of carnivals and functions, including this year’s carnival spectacular.

Last year’s victor was Mariah Lee, of Littlehampton.

She had the privilege of leading the 40th anniversary celebration of the carnival and met a contingent of the town’s former royals, who travelled from across the country to join the action.

Since being crowned the Carnival Queen in March last year – aged just 15 – an ecstatic Mariah has also had the chance to appear at the stunning Littlehampton Bonfire Night celebrations, as well as a range of other functions across Littlehampton, including the Carnival Christmas Fun Day, last month. Prizes are still to be officially announced. However, expect them to include a lump cash sum, stunning gowns and special day wear for the girls to keep.

This year’s carnival is set to take place on July 11.