Littlehampton Mods are back together thanks to monthly reunions

Mods from the 1960s who used to meet at the Clifton Restaurant in Littlehampton are back together again, thanks to monthly reunions.

Wednesday, 20th March 2019, 8:00 am

The lads and lasses who grew up together now regularly meet up to talk over old times and are looking for other former Mods who might be interested in joining them.

It all started when lifelong friends Ian Turner and Nigel Stringer decided to start gathering the old gang together again.

Outside the Clifton Cafe on February 4, 1967, from left, Tom Lee, Brian 'Bunny' Silcock and Ian Turner

One thing led to another and now as many as 16 old friends meet up at the café in Haskins Roundstone Garden Centre in Angmering, dubbing it the ‘New Clifton’.

Nigel said: “Back in the ’60s, it was harmless fun. We were mischievous but we weren’t nasty. There was always something to do, like the dance hall and the youth club.

“They were pretty good to us at the Clifton, we used to go in for a coffee and stay all day.”

Most of the group still live in the area but Tom Lee travels from Bournemouth.

Mods from the 1960s in Littlehampton recreate the scene of a photograph taken outside the old Clifton Restaurant on February 4, 1967, from left, Tom Lee, Brian 'Bunny' Silcock and Ian Turner. Photo by Derek Martin DM1931567a

Tom, whose twin still lives in Littlehampton, said: “We all really got together because of the Clifton.”

Brian Silcock, known as Bunny, said most of them had not seen each other for nearly 50 years until they started meeting up again six or seven years ago.

Now back together, they decided it would be good to recreate one of their old photographs, a picture of Tom and Brian with Ian Turner outside the Clifton.

Ian said they were good times back in the 1960s and the restaurant owners, Bill Watts and his son Paul, were quite happy because it gave the girls a safe place to go, rather than be on the streets.

Ian said: “There was a jukebox and a pool table. It was just part of the scene.”

The rockers went to the café next door but there was no real rivalry and in fact some of them now go to the reunions.

The next meet up will be on Thursday, April 11, at 11am.