Littlehampton lifeguards rescue mother and daughter swept out to sea

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A MOTHER and daughter swept out to sea were saved by lifeguards in Littlehampton today (Saturday, June 14).

The drama occurred this afternoon as temperatures soared into the twenties and scores of visitors flocked to the town’s beach.

RNLI lifeguard Brittany Jones, working her first season with the charity at Littlehampton East beach, spotted two women struggling with their inflatable in a strong offshore breeze.

Noticing they were in difficulty, Brittany quickly sprung into action and paddled out to the pair on her rescue board.

Once she reached them, she was able to check they were okay, and then keep them afloat while lifeguards Tim Walton and Dan Seagrove Castle launched the inshore rescue boat to bring them all safely to shore.

Brittany said: “It was a busy day on the beach, but I spotted the two women just outside of the lifeguard zone and they looked like they were having trouble getting back to shore.

“It’s situations like this where your training really kicks in.

“Thankfully, it was a happy ending, but we would advise all those visiting a beach to stay in an area where the lifeguards can see you, and if in danger, call for help immediately.”

The rescued pair were taken back to shore where they were checked over by lifeguards before being given the all-clear.

This was the lifeguard team’s first rescue of the season.