Littlehampton lifeboat launched to help jet-skiers

Littlehampton RNLI SUS-161217-111612001
Littlehampton RNLI SUS-161217-111612001

Littlehampton RNLI’s D Class lifeboat Ray of Hope and volunteer crew launched at 2.28pm on Friday (December 16) to help a jet-ski which was reported to have suffered engine failure.

The lifeboat headed out towards the reported scene, 200 metres west of the harbour entrance, where the two riders were trying to re-launch the jet-ski from West Beach.

An RNLI spokesperson said, “The lifeboat stood by awaiting the arrival of the UK Coastguard Shore Team. In the meantime, the two riders managed to re-start the jet-ski’s engine and then re-launch from the shore.

“The lifeboat escorted the jet-ski back to Littlehampton Marina, then returned to the station at 3.31pm where it was refuelled and made ready for service.”