Littlehampton Carnival Queen contest almost upon us

L28661H14  Littlehampton Carnival 2014 Carnival Queens
L28661H14 Littlehampton Carnival 2014 Carnival Queens

WANNABE royals will soon be vying for glory as the Littlehampton Carnival Queen competition braces for blast-off.

The 2015 contest will be officially launched in next week’s Gazette, complete with a form for prospective young royals to fill in.

However, for those eager to find out details about the competition early, organisers at the Littlehampton Carnival Association will be opening entries early on Monday via the group’s Facebook page.

The event is open to any girls aged between 14 and 17, who live within a six-mile radius of Littlehampton.

All the entrants will be featured in future editions of the Gazette, until the competition closes.

The winners will then be announced and will be needed to represent Littlehampton at a variety of carnivals and functions, including this year’s carnival spectacular.

Prizes are still to be officially announced. However, expect them to include a lump cash sum, stunning gowns and special day wear for the girls to keep.

This year’s carnival is set to take place on July 11.