Last chance to see the stunning salvias on display at the castle

salvias at Arundel Castle
salvias at Arundel Castle

Visitors to Arundel Castle have just a few days left to be be surrounded by salvias in a range of varieties, sizes and dazzling colours.

From the blue hues of the salvia patens and salvia guaraniticia, known as the ‘blue enigma’, to the tall pink shrimp-like flowers of the Salvia involucrata ‘Boutin’, the castle’s floral displays will close to the public for the season on Sunday.

Classy canna lilies also feature in Arundel Castle’s autumn showcases, with their distinctive flowers complementing the soft amber colours across the gardens.

The castle’s delphiniums are enjoying a second flourish, as well as a surge in the Ferns and Echiums in the stumpery.

Martin Duncan, head gardener at Arundel Castle, said: “Salvias are some of the most beautiful flowers - their shape makes them instantly recognisable, but there is great variation between each species.

“We have been blessed with good weather during the summer, which let our wildflowers and roses flourish. We are now reaping the benefits of a mild autumn with glorious shades of orange and red taking over the gardens. I would recommend visiting us as soon as you can to take full advantage of the colourful blooms before the castle closes for the year.”