Knights and archers up in arms about A27

Forest Knights and 'Ratpack' archers in Binsted Woods
Forest Knights and 'Ratpack' archers in Binsted Woods

Following an anti-bypass demonstration on October 8, knights and archers are protesting against Option 5A.

Forest Knights are a group who work with schools teaching nature awareness and conservation in Binsted Wood.

Wayne Jones, leader of the Knights, said: “The 5A route would have a catastrophic effect on our nature-based activities in Binsted woods.

“If we do not resist, we’ll be forced out by traffic noise and by disruption to the wildlife.”

Also up in arms is local archery club the ‘Ratpack’.

Spokesman Peter Parker said: “Our club would fold, if Option 5A is built.

“We rediscover here what it was like for our ancestors, hunting in woodland with bows.”

Residents are also worried the woodland retreat where the poet Laurie Lee wrote some of his most vivid poetry could impacted by a bypass.

Laurie Lee lived in a rented caravan on the South Downs during World War Two, writing poetry inspired by the beauty of nearby Binsted Woods and his muse, Lorna Wishart who lived in Binsted village.

Lorna’s son, Luke Wishart, 84, says his family bought the woods 50 years ago to keep them safe, said: “Binsted Woods remain the largest block of ancient Sussex woodland south of the Downs and need protecting.”

Mr Wishart joined the demonstration against Option 5A on October 8.