Hundreds of pupils learn about Jesus in Littlehampton

HUNDREDS of school children from across Littlehampton have this month been exploring the life and impact of Jesus Christ.

More than 800 children took part in the Life Exhibition at the Littlehampton United Church, in High Street.

Youngsters had a chance to learn all about Jesus by watching DVDs, music clips and using hand-held PDA technology to move through the exhibition.

Organiser Roger Purdon said: “It has been very exciting to see so many children and staff coming through the exhibition again to learn about Jesus and to learn how important he is today.

“This is the fourth time we have held this exhibition so over 3,000 children aged nine to 11 and countless staff have come through in that time and been given the opportunity to think about Jesus.

“In a culture where the Christian faith is taking a battering, we can assure 
you that it’s alive and well 
in and around Littlehampton.”

The children ended their visit in the café area, where they had a short quiz on what they had seen and heard.

The exhibition, created by national Christian organisation Counties, was organised locally by Littlehampton Churches Together.

The team was made up of people from many of the area’s churches.

National Life exhibition co-ordinator Martin Buckley explained that 
the purpose of the event, which ended last week, was to give 
people an opportunity to think for themselves about who Jesus really was.

He said: “No single person has ever done more to influence the course of history, and to affect so many people’s lives, and yet there is still so much misunderstanding around his life, death and resurrection.

“Many people see Jesus as an inspirational figure, and we want to help people consider the meaning of Christ’s miracles and teaching, and the impact of his death and resurrection, not just 2,000 years ago, but still today.

“The idea is to take a look at what we know about Jesus, and let people make up their own mind.”