Goldfish abandoned in Arundel in inches of water

A GOLDFISH needed to be rescued after it was abandoned in a ditch where the water was only four inches deep.

Volunteer grounds staff Craig Welsby discovered the fish during a check around the Arundel Wetland Centre last Tuesday.

WWT Arundel Wetland Centre grounds warden Sam Halpin arrived to rescue the eight inch-long fish, which had been left near the wetland reserve.

“The water in the ditch was only four inches deep, barely covering the poor fish.” said Sam.

WWT staff have given the golden fish the seasonal name of Bauble and are looking for a member of the public to adopt him for their own pond.

Bauble is currently living in a raised pond used for children’s pond dipping activities in the spring and summer months at the wetland centre.

Sam added: “We have to segregate Bauble as he is a non-native species in the UK. “Many invasive aquarium plants, non-native fish and water borne diseases are spread by thoughtless people disposing of the contents of their aquariums and ponds into waterways in the countryside.”