False alarm as lifeboat called to dinghy in Littlehampton

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A lifeboat was launched after reports that a dinghy carrying three people in Littlehampton was in difficulty.

Littlehampton RNLI received a request from the UK Coastguard at 6.24pm yesterday (Tuesday, June 14).

A member of the public had called 999 suspecting that the crew of the dinghy were clinging to the posts at the harbour entrance, according to the spokesperson.

The station’s Atlantic 75 lifeboat Renée Sherman and volunteer crew launched at 6.29pm and headed out of the harbour towards the scene.

The spokesperson said: “The casualty was located and fortunately in this instance it was a false alarm with good intent, as once the lifeboat arrived, the crew of the dinghy confirmed that they were innocently foraging and were not in any distress.”

After checking with the initial informant that it was the same dinghy, the lifeboat was stood down and returned to the station, where it was made ready for service.