Exhibition reveals Sussex’s secret coastal beauty

Karolyn with her art work 'lp1500647
Karolyn with her art work 'lp1500647

REVEALING the secret beauty of the coast between the rivers Arun and Adur is the idea behind one of Littlehampton Museum’s latest displays.

Shoreham-based artist Karolyn Mnich’s exhibition, Above and Below: from Adur to Arun, is shining a light on the ever-changing natural scenery of the coastline.

Some of the quirky and colourful art by Karolyn Mnich

Some of the quirky and colourful art by Karolyn Mnich

Karolyn uses wood engravings and lino cuttings to reflect the shifting colours and tones of the area throughout the year.

She said: “This exhibition of linocuts, wood engravings and drawings is part of an ongoing project exploring what makes up the character of this stretch of coast between the Adur and Arun rivers – from the natural flora and fauna, birds and boats, to architectural structures, artefacts and activities that reveal the local history and the past.

“The work on display shows my interest in what lies above and below the surface - what is hidden and what is uncovered over time and at low tide.”

Karolyn has worked as a printmaker and illustrator. She also teaches part-time at Northbrook College.

Her work has also formed an integral part of the new street signage recently unveiled in Shoreham and Lancing.

Alongside her engravings and cuttings is a cabinet full of sketchbooks, printing blocks, tool and other items to give visitors an insight into how Karolyn develops her work.

She added: “Littlehampton Museum’s collections have also inspired me to look at objects associated with the sea; from ships in bottles, net mending materials, fossils and finds from ship wrecks.”

Karolyn will be hosting a free meet the artist session at the museum, in Church Street, on April 18.

It will be a prime opportunity for people, of all abilities, to learn a few tips from Karolyn about how to create their own projects.

The exhibition, in the Hearne Gallery, will be running until May 8.

There are limited spaces on the workshop. All equipment will be supplied.

To book a spot, call 01903 738100.