Everything you need to know about the Climping flooding

The sea breaching the sea defences at Climping
The sea breaching the sea defences at Climping

Here's everything you need to know about the Climping flooding:

Sea defences were severely damaged by high tides and surges from Storm Ciara which hit the country this week. This caused 'significant overtopping' according to the EA which will be monitoring the incoming Storm Dennis expected this weekend.

Flooding at Climping

Flooding at Climping

The Environment Agency is working with Climping businesses and residents as the area is hit with floods. Arun District Council has also said it is working with the Environment Agency and will work with emergency services 'should circumstances require'.

An Environment Agency spokesman said: “The Environment Agency continues to advise Climping residents who are most at risk of flooding on how they can protect their properties. We met with them yesterday to discuss the current weather situation, whilst continuing to monitor the beach.

“Using public money, we have to prioritise our resources to those areas at greater risk from flooding. The Environment Agency has tried to maintain Climping’s defences for as long as we can, whilst acknowledging that, at some point in the future, the costs of maintaining the beach would exceed what we can justify spending under government rules.”

Arun District Council is working with the EA with 'understandable local concern' over the situation,

A statement put out on social media reads: "With understandable local concern about current water levels and a storm due this weekend we can confirm that we are working closely with the Environment Agency, who are the lead authority, to monitor and assess the situation on an ongoing basis.

"The tides are receding in height and whilst Storm Dennis is forecast to come ashore over the next few days, the spring tides are dropping and forecasts show that even though we are expecting it to be wet and windy, the timing of the tides, wind, swell and rains should not coincide to make the situation worse.

"As the storm passes, conditions are set to improve. The council remains on alert to assist the emergency services should circumstances require and will continue to monitor tide and weather forecasts."

A flood warning remains in place in Climping and Littlehamton west of the river Arun, as far west as Climping Street and as far north as Horsemere Green Lane.