Election 2015: Meet your Worthing West candidates

An election 2015 ballot box
An election 2015 ballot box

In the latest Herald and Gazette ‘meet the candidates’ features, those vying for the Worthing West parliamentary seat on May 7 have their say on why they think they deserve your vote:

David Aherne: Green Party

David Aherne, of Worthing Green Party, has fought to get access gates at Durrington station open longer SUS-141114-145317001

David Aherne, of Worthing Green Party, has fought to get access gates at Durrington station open longer SUS-141114-145317001

The greatest threat to Great Britain is not a terrorist attack, nor is it President Putin, it certainly isn’t immigration or a nuclear attack by some unknown foreign power.

It is flooding on a biblical scale, destroying homes and ruining the lives of millions.

Apart from a minority of scientists funded by the petroleum industry, there is a general consensus that the flooding we saw last year was the result of climate change, caused by burning high-carbon fossil fuels.

I will fight to prevent fracking, which will add significantly to global warming.

MP Peter Bottomley ENGSUS00120131012172206

MP Peter Bottomley ENGSUS00120131012172206

The austerity programme has damaged the economy, not repaired it, making everyone but the wealthy poorer. I will work to end it and alleviate the poverty which is losing people their homes and forcing decent people to sleep in shop doorways,

Once elected I will work the good of the people of Worthing and Great Britain, not the city fat cats favoured by the other parties.

I live in Worthing, so I know what needs to be done. Improve the railways, protect nature, release Government-owned brownfield sites for building thousands of homes, scrap NHS outsourcing and scrap nuclear weapons, which in reality protect no one.

Sir Peter Bottomley: Conservative



Effective champion for Worthing West and for residents, experienced, caring for individuals on local issues and nationally at Westminster: that is my aim.

I will not discriminate on origin, race or religion, on disability, skin colour or on voting choice. Other parties’ supporters kindly vote for me personally: I respect that.

Working quietly and effectively, I make every effort, without seeking personal credit. Success? The hospital we saved and improved together; Northbrook College we helped redevelop; the renewed Worthing College at its good new site; and soon a better A27 road?

Everyone will know someone helped by my no-delay advice and help service. Most constituents in urgent need receive same-day help. I make personal home calls within days to ensure help is available as quickly as possible.

Jim Deen

Jim Deen

There are good people in major parties; we can be generous about each other.

With churches and faith groups, I choose to give preferential attention to the lonely and to households who struggle on little.We need to encourage self-reliance and enterprise, giving generous help when there is need. Together we can create and share a fairer society and a better economy.

Please support me so I can support you.

Tim Cross: UKIP

I believe I am the best person to be the Worthing West MP. I have international experience having lived and worked in Australia for 10 years and I have lived in Sussex for more than 23 years running my own businesses in both countries.

I have served on local rugby club committees and I am a qualified rugby coach and referee. I have provided coaching to our young players.

W02130H7_LG_WOMEN COUNCILLORS HAZEL THORPE PIC S.G. 12.01.07.''Worthing Councillor Hazel Thorpe W02130h7.jpg ENGSUS00120120119122902

W02130H7_LG_WOMEN COUNCILLORS HAZEL THORPE PIC S.G. 12.01.07.''Worthing Councillor Hazel Thorpe W02130h7.jpg ENGSUS00120120119122902

For over 40 years the trail of EU deceit spread by the Labour, Lib-Dems and the Conservatives is clear for all to see, whereby the majority of our laws are now coming from Brussels and not Westminster.

The fact is that we cannot control our borders because we are subject to EU control

and EU laws which reign supreme over English law and this is undemocratic allowing net migration into our country to be 300,000 in the last


Our population has increased, due to mass uncontrolled immigration, by 1,000 per day, under this current Government.

I believe in total democracy, honesty and openness with no hands in the expenses till.

My priority will be to put the constituents first and to campaign vigorously for our independence from the EU.

Jim Deen: Labour

In just five years, the Tory/Lib Dem coalition managed to create more inequality and unfairness than I would have thought possible in such a short time.

I felt I had to play my part in ensuring Labour is elected to Government in May to protect the NHS, build the homes families need, help those in rented accommodation, and create jobs – ­and hope – ­for young people.

I worked originally as a government research scientist, then moved into magazine publishing, and for the ten years before I retired I ran my own small publishing company. So, I have a broad range of work and business experiences to draw on to help me represent all the constituents of Worthing West. I’ve lived in Worthing for 45 years and I’ve been a tireless campaigner on national and local issues and I’m equally energetic in helping individuals with their problems and concerns.

But my interests are not just in politics. I’ve lectured in local history, I do survey work for a downland environment protection scheme, and I work for a local project helping people of all ages to get started using computers ­– a particular passion of mine.

Hazel Thorpe: Liberal Democrat

Hazel has qualities needed of a hard-working, positive, and practical MP. She listens and acts upon issues.

As a former teacher and head of department, with years of experience in education and currently a further education college governor, Hazel tackles life challenges by networking and finding solutions to issues.

She has a lifelong interest in health, governance and being a trustee in a local charitable small business.

Her work at Maybridge Keystone Youth Club enables her to encourage community links with Worthing Children and Family Centres.

She is interested in saving energy, reducing the cost of living for all and improving opportunities whilst creating a lively local economy.

Her local manifesto, to safeguard our future:

Economy: to support SMEs in surviving, thriving, being sustainable, via lobbying for Government and EU funding and networking

Education: to support our schools and colleges to prepare people for the jobs, life skills and vocations needed.

Health: to protect our NHS to thrive, to support those living with needs by raising awareness of their issues through public opinion, experience and speaking out for inward investment.

Real life solutions: highlighting the need for emotional intelligence, caring support and training between apprenticeships and full time work.


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