East Preston man stunned at cycle event success

East Preston's Jeremy Strutt organised the day' lp1500967
East Preston's Jeremy Strutt organised the day' lp1500967

A CYCLE-LOVING truck driver from East Preston said he was left ‘gobsmacked’ by the success of his latest exploit to encourage children to get out on their bikes.

On Monday (April 6), cyclists of all ages whizzed along the promenade on Worthing seafront as part of the Easter Kids Bicycle Ride organised by father-of-two Jeremy Strutt, 43, of Saxon Close.

Around 80 cyclists joined the action, which was the third event arranged by Jeremy and by far his most successful.

“I was gobsmacked when I saw more and more people turning up,” said Jeremy. “The idea is to get hundreds of kids on their bikes, enjoying the fact that Worthing has such a wonderful mixed use prom.

“All the kids were just meeting up with other kids they had never met before. There were all age groups rushing up and down on their bikes and having a good time in the sunshine.”

The inclusive cycle ride had two starting points, with both sets of cyclists being tasked to make their way to Worthing Pier before heading to the Coast Café, in Beach Parade, Worthing.

Jeremy said: “It was only the second or third time one young lad had been out without stabilisers.

“By the end of the ride he stopped, looking at his front wheel and looked at where he was going. His parents said he improved tenfold from riding on the day.”

Jeremy is planning to organise a ride in Worthing on August 1.