‘Don’t dump rubbish on our bonfire’, society warns

Last year's event
Last year's event

Littlehampton Bonfire Society has issued a reminder that rubbish should not be deposited on the bonfire site at the East Green car park before Monday, October 24.

People are also urged to act responsibly regarding the materials they bring to the fire, which will be lit on October 29.

Society secretary Richard Cooper said: “We have permission to commence building the fire on Monday, October 24. Anyone dumping rubbish on the site prior to this will be acting illegally, and will face prosecution.

“Only non - toxic, combustible items such as wood and garden waste may be deposited. On no account may polystyrene foam, polyurethane foam, aerosols, batteries, bottles, tins of paint, tyres or containers of any liquids be brought to the site. We must also stress that we cannot accept any beds, settees, armchairs or carpets at all. We hope the public will take note of what they can and can’t bring, as we will turn away any prohibited items, and they will have had a wasted trip.”

Material may be brought to the fire between the 9am and 5pm each day from October 24 to October 27, although the site may be closed earlier in the week, depending on the size of the fire.

The society is also appealing for volunteers to help build the fire. Help is needed each day from 9am to 6pm. In particular, the society would like to hear from people physically capable of helping to lift wooden pallets.

Email littlehamptonbonfire
society@hotmail.co.uk, or contact Tyndall Jones at David O. Jones Sports.