Dad hailed a hero for trying to save man’s life at Angmering railway station

Hannah and Terry Frostick from Littlehampton
Hannah and Terry Frostick from Littlehampton

A man who tried to save a man’s life at a railway station in Angmering has been hailed a hero.

On Monday, December 3, Terry Frostick was at Angmering railway station when a 63-year-old man who he regularly saw on the train collapsed after going into cardiac arrest.

Angmering Railway Station. Picture: Google Maps

Angmering Railway Station. Picture: Google Maps

The father-of-three gave him CPR and stayed with him until the ambulance service arrived, at around 6.20am.

Unfortunately, his efforts were not enough to save the man, who died at the scene.

On social media, the 31-year-old has been hailed a hero for his efforts.

Speaking to the Gazette, his wife Hannah, 30, from Littlehampton, said: “I am so proud of him. He is a true gentleman and has showed humanity at its finest.

“I just hope the family can take solace in the fact that their relative was in the company of a man with a big heart who reassured him that he wasn’t alone until the end.”

When the news broke on Monday afternoon, Hannah left a comment on the Gazette Facebook page, saying it was her husband who helped the man, adding that he was ‘devastated and would like to wish the family his condolences’. The comment got more than 50 likes, with dozens of people praising him.

Hannah replied: “We’re all very proud of him. He’s our hero. He’s just a little upset still.”

Carol Ritchie, who owns Ritchie’s Buffet in the station, also sat with the pair and helped Terry give the man CPR, and another bystander called the emergency services.

The couple have three children together – Hayden, 14, Carla-Rose, 11, and Harvey, seven. Hannah said that when they were told what he had done, Hayden ‘gave his dad a big hug and said “I hope you’re okay dad”, Carla ‘told him well done and asked him what he did’ and Harvey ‘keeps hugging him and telling him he’s a hero’.