Georgina Gharsallah: police treat Worthing mother's disappearance as homicide

Police have released new CCTV footage of Georgina Gharsallah, taken on March 7. 2018. Picture: Sussex Police
Police have released new CCTV footage of Georgina Gharsallah, taken on March 7. 2018. Picture: Sussex Police

Sussex Police is now officially treating the disappearance of Georgina Gharsallah as homicide.

The news came as Sussex Police released new CCTV footage of a woman who could be the missing mother-of-two, 31.

Georgina Gharsallah. Picture: Sussex Police

Georgina Gharsallah. Picture: Sussex Police

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The footage, which came to light only recently, shows two women walking along Chapel Road in Worthing around 4pm on the day Georgina, 31, went missing: 7 March 2018.

Senior Investigating Officer, Detective Chief Inspector Andy Wolstenholme explains: “We are hoping the newly released CCTV footage will jog the memories of people who were in this area of Worthing on that Wednesday afternoon.

“We are very keen to identify and speak to the other woman in the footage. Is this you? Please get in contact with us as you may have vital information to assist our investigation.

“We have investigated many possible leads relating to Georgina over the past 18 months, however, we are no closer to establishing the circumstances surrounding her disappearance.

“Sadly I have had to consider the possibility that Georgina has come to harm at the hands of someone else, which is one of the hypothesis we have been working on. A number of vital enquires to test ‘proof of life’ have been conducted but to date, none of these have been able to conclusively show that Georgina is alive. While Sussex Police continue to look for Georgina, and hope above all else that we can find her safe and well, I have taken the decision to record her disappearance as a homicide.

“Sussex Police is committed to recording suspected crimes fairly, openly and accurately. We record crimes on the balance of probabilities, and having taken in to account the products of our large scale investigation, I believe it right that we record the potential for a homicide to have occurred.

“Frustratingly, we don’t know what happened to Georgina on that day in March 2018, she appears to have vanished without a trace. But that simply isn’t possible and someone, somewhere, knows what happened.

“Our recording of this possibility comes at the exhaustion of a detailed and lengthy investigation which has spanned a number of counties and reached out nationally and internationally. Officers have completed hundreds of actions in the desperate hope to find Georgina and establish the truth behind her disappearance.

“The recording of this crime does not mean that we have stopped looking for Georgina and all credible and reasonable lines of enquiry will still be investigated. It is never too late to contact Sussex Police or Crimestoppers if you have any information you think may be useful or relevant to finding Georgina.”