East Preston man found slumped at the wheel with a sword stashed in the boot

A man found slumped over his steering wheel with a sword and a crack pipe stashed in his car has been jailed.

Thursday, 28th March 2019, 1:55 pm
Updated Thursday, 28th March 2019, 2:36 pm
Julijs Andrianovs was found slumped in his car and officers discovered a sword (pictured) in the boot. Pictures: Sussex Police

Julijs Andrianovs was discovered by an officer in Rustington, apparently asleep in the driver’s seat of his car, at about 8.30am on June 9, 2017. His key was in the ignition, a court heard.

Andrianovs, 36, of Roundstone Lane in East Preston, also had a knuckle duster stowed by the gearstick, Hove Crown Court heard.

He appeared in court for sentencing on Tuesday after pleading guilty to possessing an offensive weapon and failing to provide a blood sample to police and being convicted of a further charge of possessing an offensive weapon.

The large blade - pictured with its sheath - was found in the car boot

Roadside wipe test positive for cocaine

Prosecutor Jonathan Atkinson said: “The officer woke the defendant, opened the door and found what he thought was a crack pipe.

“A roadside wipe test [was carried out] and this was positive for the presence of cocaine.”

Andrianovs was taken to Worthing custody centre where he refused to provide a blood sample for analysis, the court heard.

“He made a prepared statement initially said that he had no intention to drive the vehicle and he said he has a lot of problems when giving blood as they keep missing his veins.”

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Heavily convicted for carrying weapons in public

This was not the first time Andrianovs had been caught with a blade in public.

The court heard he had five previous convictions for possessing offensive weapons, including being stopped in a housing estate in Willow Walk with a knife, a knuckle duster and two screwdrivers in July last year.

Judge: You demonstrate a disregard for social norms

The sentencing had been adjourned at a number of previous hearings so that a psychiatric report on the Andrianovs could be compiled.

Judge Christine Henson QC said: “The conclusion of the psychiatrist is that you do not have a mental disorder that requires any treatment, that you demonstrate a disregard for social norms.”

Andrianovs was jailed for nine months and disqualified from driving for 45 and a half months.

Police message on people who carry knives

A Sussex Police spokesperson said: "Our message to those who carry a knife or thinking of carrying a knife is that it does not protect you and could actually make you more vulnerable and in danger of serious harm. “Many people are still unaware of the consequences of carry a knife. “Getting caught in possession of a knife in a public place could mean up to five years in prison. Educating and deterring those intent on carrying knives and blades should get people to think twice about picking up a knife.”