COUNTY NEWS: Mum's horror as stranger throws her baby into the road

A mother watched in horror as a stranger picked up her baby in her buggy and hurled the terrified child into the road.

Wednesday, 14th September 2016, 5:31 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 2:48 am
Amy Easton and baby Melody-Rose SUS-160914-143923001
Amy Easton and baby Melody-Rose SUS-160914-143923001

Amy Easton said she was ‘in pieces’ over the incident, which left her nine-month-old daughter covered in blood and screaming in terror.

Amy, 23, had just dropped her three-year-old at nursery and was enjoying a stroll along Hastings seafront with baby Melody-Rose on Monday morning (September 12), when her mobile rang.

She said: “I put the brake on the buggy, answered my phone, turned my head and then all of a sudden a man walked past and threw her buggy into the road.”

The man fled as a panicked Amy ran out into the road where her daughter’s buggy lay face down.

She said: “When I picked her up, she was screaming because it was a big shock for her. Blood was coming from her mouth.”

Amy immediately took Melody-Rose to the Cornwallis Plaza Surgery where she was checked by a doctor.

Luckily the baby escaped with just a grazed lip and a bump on her head.

But the episode left both Melody-Rose and Amy severely shaken.

Amy, who lives in St Saviours Road, said: “The baby was very, very upset.

“She just cried, she wouldn’t take her bottle, she wouldn’t eat her dinner.

“And she’s now scared of the buggy.

“She holds on so tight to the bar and starts crying.

“I have been having to take her out in the baby carrier.”

Amy added: “I was in pieces. I was crying. I have got epilepsy so something like this is making me more ill.”

Shamefully, Amy says nobody came to her aid following the attack, which happened at 9.30am near Bottle Alley.

She said: “No cars stopped, nothing. There was even a traffic warden and she did not even come over and see if we were OK.”

Speaking about her attacker, Amy said: “I just do not know why anyone would do this.

“We did not know the man. He didn’t say one word to us.

“My doctor said that he had never seen anything like this.”

Amy described the man who carried out the attack as white, around six feet tall, aged in his late 40s or early 50s.

The man had substantial facial hair and had an Aztec or tribal pattern tattoo all the way up one of his arms.

He was wearing a grey beanie-style hat at the time.