Council recoups £225k in tax

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ARUN District Council has recouped £225,000 in tax payments following checks carried out on residents claiming the single person discount.

24,000 people living in Arun currently claim the 25 per cent tax discount, which is granted to residents aged 18 or over who live by themselves.

Working with the credit reference agency Experian to verify that claimaints were in fact living alone, the council cancelled the tax reductions of 500 people who were found to be incorrectly claiming the discount.

80 per cent of the £225,000 pot goes to West Sussex County Council while Arun and Sussex Police get £22,500 apiece.

The checks were carried out between August and November.

Councillor Dudley Wensley, Deputy Leader of the Council and Cabinet Member for Corporate Governance, said: “I am delighted the council has recovered such a large amount of money which can now be ploughed back into the local authorities and police services.

“The council takes seriously its obligation to be responsible with tax payers’ money by ensuring discounts are claimed fairly.”

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