Climping’s plea for county action on ‘death trap’ road

The junction in Climping
The junction in Climping

FEARS have been raised over a road which is a ‘death trap waiting to happen’.

The concern was highlighted to Climping parish council at its latest meeting on Thursday (March 12) and focused on the junction of Horsemere Green Lane and Church Lane.

Jim Robertson, of Apple Tree Walk, told councillors he had been worried ‘for some time’ about the junction.

He feared that if nothing was done by West Sussex County Council to address the problem with the road, someone could be killed.

Speaking during the parish council meeting at St Mary’s Church, Mr Robertson said: “I’m worried, and I have been for some time, about the exit from Horsemere Green Lane on to (Church) Lane.

“I think that’s a death waiting to happen.

“It’s the most dangerous place to come out of and something must be done.

“It’s a long-standing problem. We had a painter and decorator that was nearly killed when he had a bad accident – he wasn’t injured but his car was written off.”

Responding, parish council chairman Colin Humphris said that it was a concern shared by the council but that there were ‘unfortunately no easy solutions to it’.

He added the council had flagged its concerns with county hall when the Grundon proposal for a new waste incinerator to the 
north of the village was announced.

Councillor James Baird added the parish council had been ‘very proactive’ in driving down the speed limits around the village.

He said: “Each time we’ve tried to deal with the issue it’s taken a couple of years by the time you contact the county council and it works its way into their programme.”

Mr Baird said the parish council had been working towards getting a pedestrian crossing installed.

He added councillors ‘hadn’t gone to sleep on the issue’ but that it would be something for the next parish council to look at after May’s upcoming local elections.