Candidates react to lower than expected turnout in Worthing and Shoreham

Sussex Decides 2015 General Election SUS-150226-125523001
Sussex Decides 2015 General Election SUS-150226-125523001

TURNOUT in Worthing West and East Worthing and Shoreham was not as high as expected, despite queues at polling stations.

Worthing West saw a turnout of 63 per cent, with East Worthing and Shoreham 67 per cent – both lower than the 70 per cent that was hoped for.

East Worthing’s figure was slightly higher than 2010, with Worthing West lower.

Despite the turnout, verification has taken longer than expected, with ballot boxes from Arun taking longer to transport across to the count at Lancing.

East Worthing and Shoreham Labour candidate Tim Macpherson said: “It’s a shambles. I thought it would be higher than that, just by what we were seeing at the polling stations.

“Some marginal seats are having recounts.”

Nationwide exit polls suggest a bad night for the Lib Dems and East Worthing candidate Bob Smytherman said he hoped he would retain his deposit.

He said: “The turnout is quite surprising. I think what is sad is that we still have over 30 per cent who haven’t used their democratic right.

“It’s clearly been a terrible night for the Lib Dems up and down the country, losing some outstanding MPs.”