CANCER UNITED: Simple questions you should ask yourself. . .

Cancer Uniter founder, Jan Sheward, with the CU Fitter team
Cancer Uniter founder, Jan Sheward, with the CU Fitter team

BEATING cancer is never easy, writes Jan Sheward, founder of Angmering-based charity, Cancer United.

But we know that with the NHS fighting hard to keep on target, it’s more important than ever that we all do every single thing we can to help ourselves in limiting the danger of being diagnosed with the disease.

Maybe you are one of those people who knows this, yet it hasn’t made you sit up and act.

And, of course when you are ill, especially with a serious illness like cancer, it’s sometimes the very hardest time to get motivated – and to stay motivated.

Why is that, and what can we do about it?

Well first of all there’s belief. Through Cancer United’s C U Fitter programme we are seeing how movement and exercise can benefit people living with and recovering from cancer.

It’s not only in terms of making life longer, it’s about making life better.

The first thing we help new members with is to get ‘the belief’ that exercise will make a difference, especially with good nutrition as well.

The next thing we focus on is `what do I want to achieve?’ This sounds obvious...yet this is important because it really needs to be about what YOU WANT, not what you feel you should do.

So ask yourself:

What do I want – better health, to be fitter, to know I’ve played my part in my health?

When do I want to see results – two weeks, two months, six months?

What results will they be?

Are there any things I have to give up to get what I want?

What have I got to gain?

What happens if I do nothing?

These little questions help you to get the first part of the motivation journey under your control, and to make sure that you step into yourself to make your health goals all about you – which is what CUFITTER is all about.

We are now holding an extra exercise class in Wick three Tuesdays of the month contact us for details 07957 829505