CANCER UNITED: Fitness goals don’t need to be scary ones

Jan Sheward, founder of Cancer United
Jan Sheward, founder of Cancer United

FITNESS can be a vital way of helping people fighting cancer to step onto the road of recovery.

This week, Cancer United’s founder, Jan Sheward, is looking at the Angmering support group’s own fitness team, CU Fitter, and how taking those first tentative steps into the gym does not always need to be a scary ordeal.

LAST week more than half the Cancer United members joined in the exercise class led by our superbly trained Dwayne, who is just great at knowing how to support everyone with individual attention.

Cancer United CU Fitter class aims to help people coping with and overcoming cancer

Cancer United CU Fitter class aims to help people coping with and overcoming cancer

Everyone looked amazing in brightly coloured boxing gloves and pads laughing away as they struck out to keep those arms moving, running up and down the room, and laughing most of the way through their session.

Dwayne stepped in when one member sat down for a rest, showing that he too was game for a laugh.

It’s great knowing that your trainer is there to help you do enjoyable exercises safely, at your level, in a team spirit.

Gentle exercise is a significant factor on the road to recovery from cancer, and for reducing risks.

The boxing class in full swing at CU Fitter

The boxing class in full swing at CU Fitter

While exercise is a big put off to some people, the Cancer United experience is fun and the room buzzes with positive attitude.

Of course in our support group you can choose not to exercise, just have a natter with a cup of tea before the rest of the session begins and it’s worth knowing that even just not staying still is a good first step to helping you be fitter – you exercise your heart a little more standing up than you do sitting down.

If you have had cancer, you might like to know that a trial in Bournemouth which included gentle exercise over a 12 week period resulted in

• Lower blood pressure in more than 8 out of ten people

• Better cardiovascular performance for more than 90 per cent of people.

• Six out of ten people lost weight.

• And nearly the whole group reported improved well-being.

Here at Cancer United we’re proving that exercise doesn’t have to be done in a gym filled with scary people.

It can be fun, full of laughter, and it can be easy.

So think wide, and if you want to know more about how to move more to improve your life, give us a ring.

And remember – laughter is the best medicine!

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