Book on journey through Littlehampton back in print for Christmas

Allis Moss with her book, The Jigsaw Journey
Allis Moss with her book, The Jigsaw Journey

The Jigsaw Journey, a book about broadcaster Allis Moss’ walk through Littlehampton, is back in print for Christmas, after it sold out first time.

In it, she tells the story of her journey along Littlehampton seafront and through the town, exploring its history, discovering hidden nooks and crannies, and meeting its characters along the way.

Called ‘Jigsaw’ because of her higgledy-piggledy ramble in the course of one year — it sees Allis hunting for buried treasure on the beach and hearing stories from fisher folk, artists, farmers, nuns and a host of others, including those with relatives who had fought in the Great War. It also sees Allis tracking down what was once the South Terrace home of the much-missed comedian Ronnie Barker.

The first edition was published in 2014 with the help of an Arts-in-Action grant from Littlehampton Town Council.

“Local people seemed to like the book,” Allis said. “Visitors and armchair travellers near and far wanted something to guide them. People who’d moved away from the area but remembered the town with affection also bought the book. Orders have come from as far away as Cornwall, Wales and France.”

The Jigsaw Journey is available direct from Amazon.